Jabir Abu Eliz Diabetic  (JADC) was established in 1998 at Khartoum State, Sudan. The idea and proposal from Professor Rasheid received a positive response from Dr Abd/Alla Sid Ahmed, Director Regional Ministry of Health Khartoum. The old building was a deserted skeleton that needed a full rehabilitation that was done by the regional ministry. The federal ministry of finance did further additions in due course. It is the first centre of its kind as a multidisciplinary institution specialized in diabetes care. The aim of the centre was to provide specialized medical care for diabetic patients, together with raising the public awareness of Diabetes Mellitus and its complications. Another aim was to establish a focus for specialized training of medical and paramedical staff working in the field of diabetes.


The centre started at that time with only an outpatient clinic, a dressing room for diabetic foot ulcers, and a small laboratory for routine tests.

Since then, the old departments have undergone a rapid development with addition of new ones. It’s worth telling that by now the number of diabetic patients registered in the centre exceeds 78628 till July 2018 with a rate of 400 new patients per month and a daily outpatient rate of 300 receiving its services.


  1. I. To provide a high quality diabetes care for patients through a specialized multidisciplinary team.
  2. II. To provide continuous medical education and training for medical and paramedical staff throughout the country.

III. To raise the awareness of patients and their relatives towards diabetes and its complications.

  1. IV. To facilitate professional medical research for postgraduate medical students
  2. V. To generate an evidence based practice through publishing researches in medical journals and scientific conferences

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